Christine Ball CV

Christine Ball c1979

1952 – Born Sydney
1971 – Preliminary Diploma of Art, Seaforth Technical College
1972 – 1973 – Ceramics Certificate, East Sydney Technical College
1975 – Commenced full time potting
1975 – 1981 – Part time Ceramics teacher Brookvale Technical College
1975 – Australia Council Workshop Establishment Grant
1978 – Moved workshop from Collaroy Plateau to Terrey Hills (Myoora Pottery)
1978 – Australia Council Grant for a trainee (Ross Downie)
1981 – Moved workshop from Terrey Hills to Uralla NSW and opened Myoora Pottery Craft Shop
1993 – Name change to Barking Dog Gallery
2000 – 2005 – Conservation Technician/Framer at New England Regional Art Museum. Potting part time
2005 – Returned to potting and picture framing at Barking Dog Gallery

Christine Ball 2009


My passion for working with clay began in 1969 when I made my first pots in senior high school and it has continued unabated since then. After finishing school in 1970 I enrolled in Art School in 1971 and studied pottery at night at Narrabeen Evening College. I went on to study ceramics at The National Art School (East Sydney Technical College), Darlinghurst in 1972 and 1973. Peter Rushforth was head of school with Bernard Sahm, Derek Smith, Col Levy, Shigeo Shiga, Joan Grounds and Gillian Grigg on staff . That proved to be a wonderful grounding in all aspects of clay working and I will remain forever grateful for their teaching and excellence in ceramic practice.

My earliest memory of pottery comes from an intense interest, as quite a young person, in Greek and Roman myths and associated artworks with a special love for Attic red and black figure pottery. I have derived a great deal of inspiration from that period along with inspiration from Native American, Pre Columbian, Asian and modern ceramics. The natural environment is also a rich source of inspiration.

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